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Jenny Scott

What a beautiful poem, Lisa. Thank you for sharing it. I know you are facing so many challenges, but I am completely amazed at how great you look after all you've been through so recently, and that you're talking that well. I had no idea - I thought it would be weeks before you could even attempt to talk!
Stay strong beautiful friend.


Lisa, this poem is really profound, thank you.

BTW, I heard from Margaret Ann (of Buckingham) on facebook, she says Tim (her spouse?) just finished chemo, so she's participating in this cancer world, too.

Your photos are amazing!

I fell off Willow last week: not jumping, not cantering, but at the walk! She wasn't in the mood for working that day, and so she just sort of rubbed me up against the wall to gently 'rub me off.' So you're absolutely right, life intervenes and surprises us in unexpected ways we have zero control over! Fortunately, all I have from my spill is a bruised, skinned knee, and better yet, no one was around to see me fall like a clumsy sack of potatoes! :)

love, hugs,


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