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Jenny Scott

Really, Lisa, you should write a book, or turn this blog into a book. You're photographs and writing are continually inspiring and deeply touching. I am so honored to be your friend, and to be exposed to your breathtaking creativity.

Lisa D

Thanks, Jenny. Your support means a lot. I look forward to reading YOUR book! I have enjoyed reading stories of yours and I have your poem bookmarked as a favorite!

Connie Cross

Ditto Jenny!
Love, Connie


I think sipping a latte in public is a huge milestone to be celebrated!! That's fantastic! Any "small" thing like that that can help get you back into life outside of cancer is a HUGE cause for cheer!

Annie B.

I think that sipping a latte and hanging out in a bookstore IS perfection...so there you have it, you've already reached that point!

We all agree w/ Jenny, it seems. Your stories move us to tears and make us even more grateful for the food we eat and the words we speak.

A big hug to you.

Jan Hofmeister

Ditto the book idea. And I would read it
again and earmark my favorites. Thanks, Lisa!!
love, Jan

S Jelm

Dear Lisa,
I came across this poem/toast part of which I was eager to share with you titled, appropriately, "The Toast".
"May you always have art to charm your days, a sensible hearth and friends as dependable as gravity... and may your dreams leave you renewed."
I imagined you with your Red Bull and your mom with her latte sharing a little toast. As you say, "Little things can seem like big ones." And they are. Toast the little things!

( The Toast by James Bertolino)

Roberta Beach

I followed your comment on Chris Guillebeau's entry, "Chasing Daylight." My favorite quote is "All will be well." Julian of Norwich. I had oral/pharyngeal cancer. My treatments and surgeries lasted 15 years due to recurrences OR new cancers. Neither did I have any prerequisites for this cancer (smoking and alcohol predominately). When you spoke of being able to eat at B&N w/o dribbling, I broke down and sobbed, remembering. My cancer and subsequent scar tissue has cost me my swallow, I use an oral prosthesis but am still able to practice nursing in the ICU. After almost a year of only eating at home, I eat wherever I want and have often been approached and encouraged by other diners. I offer you encouragement, prayers, and thank you for sharing your journey.

Lisa D

Thanks so much, Roberta, for your encouraging words! May all be well with you.

Sandy, I like the toast! Art, friends, a fireplace and renewal all in one line!

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