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Lisa... my heart is breaking. I don't even know what to say. You clearly have a positive attitude though and a fighting spirit, and I *KNOW* that makes a big difference. I am thinking of you always and will be praying for a good outcome from surgery tomorrow. We love you!

Connie Cross

Lisa dear, I am just thankful you are able to have this tended to before the weeks slip away. My heart and my prayers will be with you every minute tomorrow as you continue on your incredible journey of struggle and hope.


All my love...
If there is anything I can do - let me know. I'd do anything for you and the family that I can.


Lisa, I love you!!

Jenny Scott

My heart, too, was broken with this recent news. But I am buoyed and amazed, yet again, by your incredible spirit. I look so very forward to your open artbook of the future!
With much, much love~

Barbara Eldridge

Lisa, sweetie
Richard, Friday, Ian. Carly, Ellen, Peter & I had a brief get together here this afternoon - and you are foremost in all our minds.

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