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Matthew, thank you so much for posting the update. We are sending prayers, love, and hugs to all of you. Your mom is one tough cookie!


Bless you, Matthew. And Natalie and your dad too. Your whole family is showing so much strength and courage through all of this. Grandpa and I love you.


Thank you for the update Matthew, it eases my mind. You write so well - just like your mom!
My prayers are not just with your mom, but with you, your dad, and Natalie too. I've notified the Geneva church prayer contingent to bring their power to Lisa too.
I'm glad you're able to be there for her. It's early winter now, but I know spring will bring miracles.

Barbara Eldridge

Matthew - Thank you for your post. Your mother has been looking forward to "doing your apartment" - just the occupational therapy she needs! She is constantly in our thoughts & prayers. It is great that you & Natalie could be home at this time. Love, Baba

Sandy Jelm

Dear Matthew,
Never doubt or underestimate the powerful strength your mom derives from you and your sister. Your loving presence at this crucial time is making all the difference for both of your parents. We are grateful for your thoughtful posts and that she has you to pass the baton to for all of our sakes. It means so much. Sending love and prayers...

Jenny Scott

Thank you so much for your heartfelt, informative update. I LOVE that you took a picture of flowers, just like your mom does! I agree with Sandy, the love and support of you, Natalie and your Dad means the world to your mom.
Know that your mom is so loved by SO MANY people. There are untold prayers coming her way. If you need anything at all, please don't hesitate to call on us.
Jenny Scott

Annie B.

I was felt so honored to speak to you and Natalie and your dad last night. I meant every word when telling you how much I love you all. I so appreciated the amazing post (is this another hidden talent?!).
Thank you for your honesty, just like your mom always gives her followers. We will stay positive and upbeat.

I wish I could hug you all right now.
With Love,
Miss B.

Jan Hofmeister

How incredibly touching for you to take over
your mom's blog! And adding your mom's signature
flower shots was awesome too. Thanks for making
sense of a long, difficult, and heartfelt day for your mom's many admireres. You, and all of your
family are wonderful! Love, Jan Hofmeister

Rachel Pavus

Matthew, we (the Pavis') couldn't agree more with the previous posts. We all love your mom so much and are thinking and praying for all of you so much. Please continue with your updates! We all believe she has the strength to beat this! Hugs to you all!

Eva Grayzel

Dear Matthew and Natalie,
I had 1/3 of my tongue reconstructed. I had the honor of meeting your Mom in December so we could compare notes. If I may offer a bit of advice from experience, the next few months will be almost as hard on you as your Mom. You three are the 'primary caregivers' and can best take care of your Mom. Therefore, be sure to take care of yourselves. Cry, talk to friends, find an avenue to experience and cope with your feelings....And, still fine fun in your life. Your mom would want you to still live your lives.

For me, the pain my disease caused my children hurt me more that my disease. I wanted them to be left out of that part....but that wasn't possible. Continually give your Mom reasons to forge forward. Always tell her what you love about her, let her know when you feel her courage and strength, and know that this whole ordeal can also be an opportunity to learn from her, the wisdom that comes through going through a life and death battle.

Please feel free to contact me if you need someone to talk to....or just some suggestions for what to say, what to do....Sometimes, it's best to talk to someone who is not close to your family. My cell is 610-554-9375.

Please let mom know that I am thinking about her, praying for her, and sending all of you wishes for a strong support network, and lots of hugs from your neighbors and friends.


Mathew - thank you for updating all of us. I send my love and prayers for all of you. Sometimes cancer and its treatment seems like an assault - no wonder metaphors for battle are so often used. I know it is all so hard. Take care of your mom and yourselves. Love Jo


Matthew - Thank you for the pictures and posts. I know how much your mom appreciates your love and support. Please let your family know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

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