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Annie B.

Happy Birthday, Barbara! Lisa, you sure know how to make a girl cry. You two are a special pair, and I'm grateful, so grateful, that you have each other.

Sandy Jelm

Happy Birthday, Barbara! Your baby girl is quite the remarkable woman, but that is no small wonder since we have come to know you these past many months. (By the way, gorgeous legs!!) We know your special TLC has made a huge difference. With love and admiration,

Jan Hofmeister

I just dug a tea-stained, wrinkled Tribune article from the garbage. I saved it show to
my headstrong Nina. There is a particular
quote that is from the mom of a woman who just
lost a valiant battle with ALS.
"When Anne Marie was a little girl, she
was so stubborn and headstrong," and "People told me you are not going to like it now, but you're going to love it when she's grown up." " I look
at her now and she is such a fighter."
Thank God for stubborn little girls that grow up into brave, strong woman! Lisa you are wonderful!! Love, Jan

Jan Hofmeister

p.s. Happy belated birthday Barbara!

Barbara Eldridge

Lisa, Sweetie:
This is the loveliest birthday "card" I've ever received. Thank you!
And thank you, too, for not showing the picture of my messy desk.

Gloria McConnell

We are very proud of you - you have the courage to
forge ahead into the future with much grace.

We know this is a very hard time for you, Marc and your wonderful children.

You all have been part of our family for years
connected through your dad and uncle Jim.

Also, a belated happy birthday to your mom.

We still eat your pancake mix from Red Wing. Our
Lisa and family loves it too!

Bruce (boop), Gloria McConnell and family
The Chicago connection......

Connie Cross

Happy Belated Birthday, Barbara! It was so wonderful to spend time with both you and Lisa. Everything Lisa says about you is true--you thoughtfulness in knowing just what Lisa needs or would want and willingness to take on any task that is helpful. And for someone 78 years old, boy, you have a lot of get up and go. I ran to keep up!

Lisa D

Thank you all so much.

Jan, I'm doing my best to be a fighter! xoxo

Gloria, I am amazed that you have read my blog. Thanks for your support! I still remember meeting Bruce's mother and enjoying talking with her when she was 101! My best to you and your family in Pfield!

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