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Jenny Scott


P.S. You look BEAUTIFUL in your picture.

Annie B.

I am so thrilled to see the completed shawl. I have been waiting anxiously, and I can only imagine the JOY that Connie had in giving this to you. I can only imagine the JOY you had in receiving love from all over the country. The shawl is a piece of art, Connie. You look so, so lovely in this, Lisa.

Annie B.

I just found a quotation that truly fits the occasion of receiving the shawl:
"To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, today is big with blessings."
~Mary Baker Eddy

Jan Hofmeister

You look lovely, absolutely, lovely!!!
I am so happy to see you wrapped in your
family and friends prayers. Love, Jan

Lisa D

Thanks for the positive comments!

Annie B - I want to do a whole post on the quote from M B Eddy - love it!


I wrote down a quote from Duke Ellington that I enjoyed: "Everyman prays in his own way, and there is no language that God doesn't understand." You've been praying through your photos and writing - both artful creative forms (it doesn't have to be painting). God (goddess) is listening - and you have lots of others praying (knitting) for you too in our own ways.

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