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Jenny Scott

So good to read a new blog post from you! As usual, it was completely inspiring. I loved hearing about your trip and the progress you've made with feeling more comfortable talking, going out, and most especially - eating, and drinking whiskey and martini's (you go girl!) :)
Truly, I can't even imagine how hard it must be, but you seem to tackle everything with such positivity and grace. You are, as ever, AMAZING!


So glad to hear that you are having fun going out again - You definitely deserve that! I think you look wonderful and when I saw you a couple weeks back I think you sounded great too! I can understand you being self-conscious, but don't be so hard on yourself :) I haven't checked your posts for awhile because, honestly, once I start reading, I find myself re-reading many of your older posts too - they are so well-written, warm and honest - and then I can't get anything done :)
I've never been able to drink whiskey, so the next time you have one, have an extra for me!


Sounds like a really nice trip! Smiled at the idea of the martini down the feeding tube! :)

dana darnell

Your voice never sounds the same as the way you hear it. Sometimes I leave a message for Grace on the home phone. mWhen I hi the play button when I am retrieving messages and hear that " jersey accent", I am always taken back. Ahhhhh
Washinton is such a great place to be. I wish the weather was warmer for you, but it sounds like you enjoyed a nice visit with friends, anyway. The cherry blossoms should be out in a couple of months. Jack's daughter lives in Arlington, Va., so we have had many opportunities to see D.C. We also like Old Town in Alexandria.
When do you think you will be able to start tasting food. like when you are having a martini through the tube, be able to put a little on your tongue? Do you have ANY taste buds?
I would like to come for a visit, or welcome you over to see my new cherry red sectional, which of course didn't make it down the cellar stairs, but has found a nice corner in the family room.
All i do all day long is give tube feedings, so you don't have to have a booth here. You can belly up to my kitchen island.
Grace has some photos from Longwood that she would like to share with you. If you haven't been out in awhile, it is a mental feast....so refreshing in these cold dreary days. Just a reminder that Spring is coming.I'd love to take you any friday if you would like to go.

Keep looking up!

ellen gorsevski

Hey Seestah,

After talking to you on the phone yesterday, believe me, you sound really good and I could understand almost every word: you're kickin' butt!

As for the feeding tube... all my friends and acquaintances over the years felt NO embarrassment or compunctions whatsoever in whipping out their boobs in public restaurants and cafes to breast-feed their babies. So why not be able to whip out the feeding tube? I think nourishing yourself is just as important as nourishing a baby, so just go for it: whip it out! Enjoy that liquid lunch and especially the martini! :)

I loved the birds and snoozing piggies photos! I think I'll print and frame the bird one.

love, hugs,

Liz Hartnett

I love your pictures, and your date is cute! But then, I have always thought Marc really cute! I agree with Ellen, a feeding tube is no different than a boob. Enjoy your martini, or whatever you feel like putting down the tube at the time. I am sure your voice is different, but I have never liked mine on recordings. Perhaps a change is good! People who don't know you will know no different. And those who do know you will be thrilled to hear from you.
All my love, Liz

Jenny Scott

Here here, Liz! I couldn't agree more.

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