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Jenny Scott

Dear Lisa,
Love, Love, Love, Love is coming at you from all directions. You are beautiful and brave. No one knows what the next day holds, but like you've said, you are living with more ambiguity than normal. But how you are living with it! As a constant inspiration to us all. When we were there this past weekend, none of us could believe the energy that you have. Making food, running up and down the stairs for things, going for long walks! You're absolutely incredible.
Thank you so much for continuing to share your journey on your blog. I know you have so many readers who hang on your every word, who are loving you, and praying for you constantly. You may have lost parts of your speech, but you certainly have not lost your voice. I heard it while you spoke to us all weekend, and I hear it in your wonderfully written words.
Love and God bless you,


Lisa dear,
As always, you leave me stunned with your heartful insights and perspectives on this most difficult time. A long letter was mailed to you today but in the meantime know that I think of you with admiration and love and only wish I could be with you to give you hugs. You are the best. I love you.

Jan Hofmeister

So wise. So wonderful. And it was good to
hear your voice! Still missing you. Love, Jan

Liz Hartnett

Dear Lisa,
Your strength amazes me. You are in my thoughts daily.

Dave and the "guys" are headed downtown to Matt's for the afternoon and evening to play Xbox and watch the Bulls on TV. They are not going out, just staying in and hanging out. I asked Dave to give Matt a big hug from me and tell him I was thinking of you, and him. I hope that the time with his friend's helps Matthew. I know that you would want him to have some fun and not "forget" but perhaps escape for a bit and just be one of the guys. Jim and I often remark what a great group of friends Dave has and Matt can ceratinly rely on them to be supportive even if it is in their usual crazy and fun way!
Love, Liz


Lisa... sending you much love, hugs, support, prayers, pain-deadening-vibes, and strength. While I hate that palliative care has to be part of your life now, I am so glad that they can provide you with some much needed support. Having pain meds that actually work can make such a huge difference in getting through the day to day ups and downs. Good for you for asking for a stronger prescription. And anti-anxiety meds... been there too... they can be such help. I love you, and I love that you are still working on finding all the positives and blessings in your life when there is so much darkness. Oprah once said that when she was having trouble falling asleep at night, she would go through the alphabet and think of something she was thankful for that started with each letter. I've always liked that... maybe you can try it. A-Aunt JoJo, B-bouquets of flowers, C-Connie's shawl, D-Dad, E-Ellen, ....


Hey Seestah,

I'm glad you're hanging tough and also will get the Palliative care help, plus meds that can help you get through the day with less suffering and worry.

While the apt looked nice, I agree that an elevator is a must at this point. I'm making a mental image of a lovely, sunlight filled space that will appear for you, complete with elevator, and maybe even a cute doorman to open the door for you!

Looking forward to seeing you, Natalie et al next week in sunny FLA!

love, hugs,


Barbara Eldridge

Dear Lisa:
The apartment looks lovely - just a lot of steps to schlep groceries in the best of circumstances. Will be thinking of you tomorrow & trust they'll get you set up with more effective pain medication.
Love & hugs to you & Marc,


Hi there Lisa! Great photos as always. I am convinced you could take pictures of anything and make it look beautiful. I still have the pictures you took of my girls right after you moved in!
Let me know when you are ready for a nertz competition and a chance to think of other things.



Dave Yost

In reading all that you have to say - it continues to amaze Cindy and I - the great strength you have in a time that tests the true spirit of people. There are no real answers - just questions - but to read the truth in your posts - continues to amaze and inspire us.

Dave and Cindy

Jamie Hofmeister


I hope you had fun with my mom and the short story ladies a few weekends ago. She said it was a lot of fun. I just wanted to let you know that I have been following your blog for a long time now, and you have taught me so much. Your strength and honesty is very inspiring and has given more so much insight into patient experiences. You help me be a better dentist every day. Thank you!



Thank you for spending time with us last Friday; it was great to see you and Marc. Your resilence is amazing. Enjoy your trip to Florida!
Jim and Joan

Carrie Feehan

Lisa -

I was told about your site by a quilting friend of your mom's in Red Wing, and just read that you and Marc are looking for a place in DC. Patrick and I are out here - we live in (almost) DC now, in Friendship Heights, and if you are needing any help when you find a place and know your moving day, we are very much there.
Your site is wonderful - your creativity, insights and writing have only deepened and found even more dimension in the years since we lost touch.
Carrie Feehan

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