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Joan Ellis

Matthew, thank you for your sensitive and deeply thoughtful post. Your mom has been on my mind a great deal. I never met your mom but am one of the many people who have been inspired by her blog. (A neighbor introduced me to it.) You and your family will never know the full extent to which your beautiful (in body and spirit) mother has reached and affected the lives of untold others. Her graciousness under extremely challenging circumstances is such an inspiration.

I wish for your mom and your whole family peace, and hope that knowing some part of the extent to which your mother has spread her appreciation of life is of some comfort to you.

Joan Ellis
Berwyn, PA

Jenny Scott

Dear Matthew and Family,
Bless you Matthew for being there to help take care of your mom, and for posting what must have been a very difficult blog. Your mom is one of the most beautiful people I've ever known, and I can't imagine how hard it is for you to see her struggling now. I know your mom ~ and everyone else ~ is so thankful that you are able to be there at this time. I hope you, Natalie and your dad know that you have an everlasting group of friends here that you can call on for anything at any time. Your whole family is so dearly loved.
Jenny Scott
P.S. Please give your mom a hug and kiss for me.
P.S.S. I'm so happy to hear that you will be turning your mom's blog into a book. She is so talented, and her writings, artwork and photographs have meant so much to all of us.


The grace and courage that your entire family continues to display leaves me in awe. What a beautiful idea to turn your Mom’s blog into a book that I’m sure will inspire even more people than it has to date. Thank you for sharing these personal times with us…reminding each of us of your Mom’s selflessness. We are truly blessed for having the opportunity to spend a part of our lives with each of you.
Please give your Mom a hug from us and tell her that we are praying for her comfort and serenity.
Much love,
Patty, Gregg, Aubrey & Matt

Jan Hofmeister

Thank you for writing this blog. Your heart felt words are beautiful. It is very sad to know how difficult things are for your mom, but it is comforting to know she is surrounded by her loving family. Please give Lisa a gentle hug from me and a promise to love her forever. Jan


Tell her we love her. We love you all. Marybess


Matthew, thank you so much for posting. You have your mom's gift with words. I can't imagine what it must be like seeing your mom like that, but I'm so glad you, Natalie, and your dad are with her, taking care of her, loving her, and spending these last moments with her. We love you all.

Sarah Mills

Matthew, thank you so much for this post, which I'm sure was very hard to write; but you know how loved Lisa is, and each reader - be it friend, family or 'stranger' - can't help but focus on sending more love and comforting thoughts her way as we read your words. You show in your writing the strength, sensitivity and grace Lisa has lived by. I know Natalie has those same qualities. Your being there is such a gift to both your parents. I'm so grateful that you plan to make a book of this beautiful blog. Sending another gentle hug and all my love to your mom. Love, Sarah


Love, only love.
I carry Lisa with me always and she makes me a better person.

Laura Moore

Matthew and family,

Thank-you for writing a difficult post and letting us know how your Mom is doing. She has fought a very hard and difficult battle and I know the strength and love her family and friends have shown to her has carried her through and brought her strength. May you know that our thoughts and prayers are with your Mom and your family.
Laura Moore and Sara Franze

Barbara Eldridge

Dear Matthew:
Thank you for your thoughtful post for your mother. Thank Ran for the lovely orchid. Lisa has an incredible gift for making our lives better, more beautiful, and rich in purpose. That gift will live after her.
Love to you, Natalie, & Marc

Joan Janak

Dear Matthew,
I have read your recent post twice now with my vision blurred by tears. I love your mom and send love to all of you. I have a storehouse of memories of fun visits with all of you. Love, Jo

Lindsay Bates

Thank you, Matthew. Your mom is in our thoughts and prayers - as are you and Natalie and your dad. We're not looking forward to the memorial service, but if it seems appropriate, please let your mom know that we have her instructions and wishes and will do all that is humanly possible to honor all of them.

Lisa is remembered by many here at the Unitarian Universalist Society with much affection, respect, admiration and love.

Peace and blessings to you all ~


Dana Darnell

Matthew, I met you last night under difficult circumstances. You are such a quiet strenth to your Mom and family. I have been encouraged by your mom's courage and bravery in the midst of adversity and unbelievable circumstances. As an oncology nurse, I have seen alot of patients with cancer. Your mom has lived her life and cancer with grace and dignity, and I admire her so much. She has left you with her deepest thoughts and challenges in her blog.I know you are proud of her and her accomplishments, but most of all, I know you are proud of the fight she has fought, as your mom.

Sue Braunsky

As tears of sadness fall down my face for all of your family's suffering's, I am humbled by your's and your mom's strength and courage to face what the future holds. I am gently reminded (as it is the Easter weekend) what our Lord and Savior has done for us and how we will be welcomed with loving and comforting arms into His home when it is our time to end our life here and wake up to Jesus' face. Please know that you and your family are ALWAYS in our prayers...we pray that God gives you all strength, peace, acceptance and continued grace.

nancy gillmer

Mark,Matthew and Natalie,
How often does a marathon runner/finisher bring flowers the next day to her curbside support? Never, of course, unless you are Lisa. Gracious, kind, fun, creative, good cook, calm are just a few words that come to mind when I think of your mom. Next to my computer I keep my miscellaneous stuff in a worn wood box on which your mom painted whimsical birds. It is from one her many art "periods" while you lived in Red Wing. I have and will always treasure it. My sincere thoughts of comfort and peace to you all.

Kathy Morgan

Mark, Matthew and Natalie,
This past week I was remembering traveling to Peoria with my Matthew, Lisa and Matthew to hear . . . was it Incubus? I also remember Lisa calling me up because she just had to share something with me. She came right over with homemade California rolls.
Her energy, her art, her passion for words and all that is beautiful in this world, touch me daily.
Bless all of you!

Cheryl and Geoff Grant

Mark and Family, I have said this before but I'll say it again, Lisa has taught me, by example, how to live well and how to die well. To me, that is the ultimate gift of selflessness, truth and love. I will remember - always.

My sadness and heartache for you all is sometimes eased by something I shared with Mark. Eventually, we all go home. I believe our souls inhabit our bodies for this experience called Life - to share, learn, evolve and even feel pain. None of us ever want to leave. The soul decides when its work is done no matter how much we beg and plead for just a little more time. It's never enough time. Now you are at the time of knowing. Knowing that your job is to let that tired soul go home with beauty, love and honor. Until you meet again.

We wish you continuing strength, faith and love.
Cheryl & Geoff

Dorrie Lee

Marc, Matthew and Natalie,

You never lose the people you love, even to death. Lisa will continue to participate in every act, thought and decision you make. Her love will leave an indelible imprint in your memories and
you will be able to find comfort in knowing that your lives have been enriched
by having shared her love.

Sherry Wert

May you have the grandest gossamer wings and soar to the highest heights once you are free of this earthbound body, because you, Lisa, deserve to be the most beautiful angel ever!! We will cherish your wonderfully written words and fantastic photos always; thank you for those.

With love from all of us, Sherry, Alex & Torrie

Laura Moore

May you rest in peace Lisa free from pain. You have lived your life fully to the end and shared with us your beauty and grace through your art, words and life. You have left a wonderful legacy with your children who will carry the lessons you have taught them throughout their lives.

Laura Moore and Sara Franze

Marjey mcLaughlin

My heart and my soul reach out to your family. I worked for Marc at NRC Region I, and have so much admiration and respect for him as a professional and a person. I have been following his dear wife's blog as she has bravely faced this ordeal, and have been continually amazed, encouraged, and moved by the strength she has exhibited. I only had the opportunity to meet her on a few occassions, and never really spoke more than a hello. But, I felt as though I grew to know her so well through her writing. She is truly a woman of beauty and grace. An amazing talent. Your family has endured much this past year. I wish you all peace.

Barbara Eldridge

Dear Marc, Matthew, & Natalie:
Ann did a lovely post honoring Lisa on House of Estrogen.

Jo Sprouse

I was so sorry to hear of Lisa's passing. And having read some of this blog am very sad that I never got to know her. I know how it is to watch a mother slowly pass, as I watched mine go through Alzheimer's before she passed in September.

From what I have read here, your whole family are very loving & strong & Lisa was blessed to have you by her side the last few weeks.

Sending you all much peace & comfort during these trying days. (Marc & I are I think 3ed cousins on the Settle side.)

Jo Lynne Settle Sprouse

Gloria McConnell

Marc, Mathew, Natalie,
Keep strong as Lisa would want you to be.
There are reasons that we are put on this
earth and reasons why we must leave.
Our prayers are with all of you.
Bruce and Gloria McConnell

Sam N

Lisa, may you rest in peace. I'm sorry we never got to talk, your blog really helped me though. Thank you.

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